Is the help in writing the diploma thesis legal?

The popularity of companies involved in assisting in the preparation of diploma theses is constantly growing. Anyone who wants to receive support related to their creation, can receive it – even in the comprehensive writing of the whole work. Is the help in writing the diploma thesis legal?

First of all, it should be pointed out that enterprises that provide the services of writing diploma theses operate legally – these are usually registered economic activities that have such a service profile. Therefore, their services are also provided legally – they are often advertised not directly as writing works, but also as an aid in their creation, preparation of studies, editing.

Of course, you must be aware that when you give your diploma thesis, you must certify that it has been prepared by yourself. Nevertheless, works prepared on commission are practically impossible to track down – they are created as original works, they are not plagiarism, therefore nothing indicates what their true origin is.

Therefore, help in writing diploma theses is a service that is legal. The task of preparing a job or assisting in creating its individual parts is a popular solution, but it must be remembered that if it turns out that it was not written on its own, there may be consequences – even in the form of taking the diploma. Such situations, however, are extremely rare.

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